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Your contribution to grow the ecosystem network will help entrepreneurs gain access to better resources and more effective networks.

How Polaris works?

We have created a system that gives you liberty and total control.

Using our portal to map yourself and your organization gives you unique features that will come in handy when building your network.

Being born at data-centric times we at Polaris give you analytics and statistical overview on how well your profile is doing among our network of entrepreneurs, startups, and ecosystem enablers.


Click on "Contribute" from the homepage or "Add a listing" from the website header, then choose whether you will be adding a startup or an ecosystem enabler.


List all the relevant information you believe is valuable to share with others via the forms provided, the more information you share, the more value you propose.

Take a breather

After submitting your information, the Polaris team will be notified about your contribution and will do a quick audit before your profile is published.

Get verified

Once your profile is published, you can "Claim your listing", you will then have to do a quick account setup and our Team will add a "verified" mark on your profile.


Once you have claimed your profile you will be able to view statistics on who viewed your profile and enjoy other features like direct messaging